Galvanic Timed Releases

General Description

The Galvanic Timed Release (GTR) is manufactured by inserting plated wire eyes (cathodes) into precisely machined cylinders of a highly active metal alloy (anode).

Theory of Operation and Accuracy

The Galvanic Timed Release is quite simple with only 3 components (two cathodes and one anode). We are well aware that with anything used around the ocean the simpler it is the better it works. The GTR is simple and we believe this is one reason it has proved so reliable. When the GTR is placed in an electrolyte such as seawater the cathodes, being plated with a more passive or noble metal, cause the cylinder of more anodic or active material to electrochemically degrade, evolving hydrogen gas (visibly). If you place a GTR in a glass of water containing containing seawater or a teaspoon of dissolved table salt the corrosion process can be observed. Watching the GTR bubble in a glass demonstrates that it will indeed function and release. This however, does not demonstrate the accuracy achieved by this simple device.

We advertise an accuracy of +/- 2.5% of the releases designed duration. This rating is conservative and applies to stock off-the-shelf pieces manufactured under standard quality control procedures used in mass production. For example, this implies that all stock 24 hour (one day) releases of a given size can be expected to release within 1.2 hours of each other when all pieces are used in the same water conditions. When necessary, we have the capability to increase the GTR's accuracy to within +/- 1% of its designed release duration or approximately 1/2 hour variation for each day (24 hours) of release timing. To assure these higher degrees of accuracy an understanding of significant water conditions affecting release timing, such as temperature and salinity, is important. If adjustments to timing are required a modified GTR can be produced using parameters based on performance of the initial releases.

Dimensions and Load Ratings:

  1 day to 7 day
LENGTH OVERALL 1.75" (44.45 mm) to 2.500" (63.50 mm)
DIAMETER OF EYES .25" ( 6.35 mm) to .438" (11.11 mm)
DIAMETER OF ANODES .17" ( 4.32 mm) to .650" (16.51 mm)
WEIGHT (dry) .01 lbs/pc to .04 lbs/pc
LOAD RATING (tension)* 0 to 1500 lbs   0 to 1500 lbs

*The standard GTR is designed to be used under tension loads of approximately 10 lbs. However, through design alterations or utilization of mechanical advantage, the GTR will release loads of up to 1500 lbs.

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