Galvanic Timed Release Purchasing Information

IFD, Inc. offers several methods by which you can purchase galvanic timed releases.

1. Off-the-shelf Galvanic Timed Releases

The least expensive method is that of purchasing standard off-the-shelf timed releases similar in type to those we sell to trap fishermen around the world. These releases can be used in all water temperatures and are available in release times ranging from 1 day to 14 days.

View the time/temperature chart to aid you in the selection of the proper release for your requirements.

The cost of these releases is $3.00/piece with a minimum order being $150.00 US.

2. Custom Made Galvanic Timed Releases

In the event none of our stock off-the-shelf sizes suit your specific needs, or you are unsure of your requirements, we are pleased to offer our experience choosing and/or designing galvanic timed releases. We can and have designed releases with durations ranging from 1 minute to 100 days. Even though the galvanic release is very simple in design and appearance, it will function with a timing accuracy of +/- 2.5%.

The more information you can give us concerning physical conditions under which the timed releases will be functioning, the more accurately we can design them. The one factor having the greatest influence on release timing is water temperature. Other significant but less critical parameters are: salinity, water motion due to waves, currents or instrument movement, and tensile loads placed on the releases.

The charge for custom-made pieces can range from $10.00 to $200.00 US per timed release device, depending on size and quantity. The minimum charge of $150.00 US applies on all custom orders.

3. Stock Commercial Sizes Test Selection Package

If you believe that you may be able to use stock commercial sizes, but are unsure of the exact sizes to order we will be pleased to evaluate your parameter and send you an assortment of up to 10 pieces composed of several selected sizes. You can either test these under simulated conditions at your facility or in the field.

Once you have determined the performance of these pieces under your conditions, we can either furnish you with additional stock pieces or custom design and manufacture special pieces. The charge for this 10 piece selected assortment is $150.00 US.