Galvanic Timed Releases

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Galvanic Timed Release Applications

There are many uses for the inexpensive galvanic timed releases we design and manufacture. You may have a specific application in mind at this time; however, for the future, here are some of the many uses for which we have designed and manufactured releases:

  1. Insure recovery of AUVs, ROVs, UUVs and HROVs through fail-safe ballast release.
  2. Serve as back-ups to expensive acoustic releases on landers and other devices.
  3. Release instrumentation attached to tagged animals such as turtles, whales, dolphins, finfish, sharks, sawfish and crocodiles.
  4. Trigger the uncovering and recovering of sediment traps.
  5. Submerge instrumentation marker buoys away from ships and ice for up to 100+ days (depending on temperature).
  6. Release emergency marker floats for location of lost equipment.
  7. Eliminate ghost fishing by lost or abandoned traps.
  8. Enable fishermen to catch more by losing less gear and fish to poachers and marker float cut-off.

Don’t be misled by the very simple design of our devices. They have saved millions of dollars’ worth of equipment for customers around the world. Our releases have been to the bottom of the Mariana Trench on the Deepsea Challenger submersible, under the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic and on the backs of whales and other marine animals in all the world’s oceans.

Our Galvanic Timed Releases are a unique and specialty product, therefore to help our potential customers find our page here is a list of names our products may also be referred to as:

  • Underwater pop-up releases
  • Underwater dissolving releases
  • Underwater dissolving links
  • Underwater corroding links
  • Underwater corroding releases
  • Underwater fizzy releases
  • Acoustic release backup device
  • Acoustic release backup link
  • Underwater release
  • Underwater timed release
  • Dissolving underwater release
  • Dissolving underwater link

We sincerely hope our Galvanic Timed Releases (GTRs) will help you save time, money, data and equipment.

André LaBonté, President